MediHelpLine Co.,Ltd. is concentrating its capacities on the development of innovative drugs based on expertise of regulatory affairs and clinical trials. 
ASIA CRO's herb

MediHelpLine Co.,Ltd. has plans on expanding its all business to global market and organizing a consortium by early 2017.

Currently we are on the stage of organizing global CRO's consortium and also aims to be a ASIA CRO's herb to conduct global studies. 

This leads a lot of pharmaceutical companies to develop new drug or incrementally modified drug with reducing development costs. 

Development of New Drug

- Functional Food

: Protection of Neuro degenerative disease

Botanical Drug and Orphan Drug

- Fundamental curing treatment for the neuro-degerative disease

: Clinical Trial Phase 2 IND already approved for Parkinson's diseas

: Preparation for Clinical Trial phase 2 IND approval for the others will be completed. 

License In and Out

- Consulting of Development company's market access

- Direct Investment 

- License Holder

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